Thursday, April 4, 2013

PHILIPPINES WEEK 21: New Companion: WEEK 29

Hello hello!
This week has been spectacular!
Saying goodbye to Elder Samar was difficult! But I am super stoked about the Comp I got! Elder Bangal! He is a stud! (Picture below!) His brother served in this same mission! He became the AP! Also he is just such a great missionary! I would say he was pre-trained! So far we have had a great time! Naguilian is doing great! Our Investigator Jeff is on track to be baptized on The 20th! I am stoked for him! Also we have an investigator, Louis! HE wants to come to church and be baptized! He LOVES the Book of Mormon! He is really awesome! He will be working a lot in April so we are going to have to cut back on teaching him! But after the month I hope to see him progress to Baptism and further! It really has been a great week! I am super short on time but that is a little bit about the area!
Much love to all!

The man who makes the plaques

 Nany Aliangan...(My nanay haha)
Leal kids!

Tintin and her family
The Danaos

Being a dork!

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