Thursday, March 21, 2013

PHILIPPINES WEEK 18: Hot and Cold!: WEEK 26

Hello There!
     Wow this week and last week were literally like hot and cold! Last week I was sick and we couldn't work...and this week I was healthy and I don't know if I have ever worked so hard in my life! It has really been an incredible week! I am exhausted but super happy! haha!
     So this week we have been teaching this one guy Jefferson...He has been an investigator for almost a year. His problem is WOW...he attends church, he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet...he is awesome! He even wants to serve a mission! Well he asked us if we could teach him one day, and he told us about how he woke up one and day and realized that he had thrown so many opportunities to join the church away! He said that is the day he decided to stop he cut himself down to one stick a day...and then a few days later he stopped all the way. He hasn't smoked in over a week! He said he wants to get baptized! So we gave him a date for April 13th. If he can continue with not smoking, he will be ready for baptism. The truth is he could be ready next week...but we want to make sure he is done with smoking for real so that way it can be a permanent change! He is awesome, we have created such a great relationship with him!
     Other than that we have another Sister, Kate. She lives with the seminary teacher (Sister Tintin). Kate is still in Highschool. Her Mother wants to join the church but they cannot afford to make it to church. Well Kate has been boarding with Sister Tintin, and has been attending seminary. She told Sister Tintin last night that she knows the Church is true and wants to be baptized. WOW! I could not help but smile this morning when I found out this info! She wants us to start teaching her ASAP. So we will probably teach her tomorrow. We are excited because Kate is able to attend church, she has a desire and a testimony! WOW haha...I am excited for her!
     Other than that we have been working and walking all over Naguilian doing everything we can to get this message to people, and helping people know that it is true. We taught our investigator Louis Nieto yesterday about the Book of Mormon. He asked if he could read it in one day....haha We told him we focused on him gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon he began to get super excited to read and pray! I got to share my conversion about how sometimes the answer does not come immediately! It took me a while to know for myself that the book was true but it came none the less. When you follow the invitations in the scriptures. You receive the promises. Every time. Sometimes not immediately. But they do come! NO doubt about that. I have experienced it and I know its true!
     It has been really an incredible week! Of course now results are really coming in Naguilian! Changes are really happening! But also transfer week is only two weeks off! We are on week 7 of the cycle now! Of Course time has just flown by! So I am hoping and praying again for another cycle here in Naguilian! I love it here! Hopefully I will get it! But I know that wherever I go the Lord has me there for a reason! That is what I am learning that there is always a reason you are assigned to an area! You just have to figure out what that is!
     Of course life is still peachey here in the Philippines! It always will be! The people here are the best!
     I am also allowed to email all friends now, so if you want to send me an email that is totally cool! (
Take Care! Much Love!


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