Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PHILIPPINES WEEK 17: The Work in Naguilian Continues!: WEEK 25

Hey there!
It has been another great week in Naguilian! Elder Samar and I have been working hard trying to find those who are ready to receive this gospel in their lives! We have been really focusing on finding people. Over all of our work and efforts have been finding and expanding the church in Naguilian! This week we looked for people in Mangsibang one of the farthest Baranghays from us and Palattao again. We did not find anyone new in either one. That is the problem with tracting sometimes it doesn't yield results it is always better to work through members and referals BUT of course if you don't have referrals tracting is a great way to put forth the effort to find new people. It at least shows your faith. You are putting yourself in the situation to find someone if it is the will of the Lord. Sometimes it is scary and awkward walking up to people and just immediately trying to become their friend. We have gotten good at starting conversations with absolute strangers! And then of course we have to try and mention that we have a message that will entirely change their life. Haha. We have been successful at getting the message out there! We have a few people that we have been really working with and teaching! Two of them have come from our "Hunting Days". Both Tatays, Tatay Ocampo and Tatay Kabag! We have taught both of them about the Restoration and they are praying to know if it is true. Leo is reading the Book of Mormon now! I think we have some real potentials! Both are potential priesthood! We have another potential we have teaching! Brother Louis Nieto! Yes we found him (referring to the video... ) We have been sharing with him and he is amazing! He has such a true and real desire to know the truth! He read the whole pamphlet we gave him before we even got to share with him! He has three kids and no wife :/ I know this gospel is exactly what they need in their lives! I know that it will bless them so much and I am so excited to see them progress in it! I know for a fact as he prays about this message he will come to know its true! Because that is the promise that is given! We are still teaching the other people but they are not progressing quite as fast as these three! I am praying for their continued progress in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really seeking to come unto him!
My tagalog is doing much better! I am really starting to understand people when they talk haha...and I am able to communicate pretty easily with people too! I love being here and I love being a missionary so much! This is literally the best place I could be right now! In the whole world! I miss home, I miss my family, I miss my friends (especially you ;) ), I miss playing music with my friends (ya Cap 7!) haha But being here is so worth it! These people need this gospel! Plus the Philippines is like the most beautiful place in the world! I love it!

I appreciate all the prayers and all the support! Because this work is worth it! But just know that I feel the prayers, because without the strength that I receive from my Heavenly Father on a daily basis I would not be able to continue!
I know this message is true! I know Jesus is the Christ! I know that the work I am doing right now is his work, if it was not I would not be able to speak tagalog and nothing that we accomplish would ever be accomplished! The Book of Mormon is the word of God! I know it came forth the way Joseph Smith said it came forth! It is by far the most powerful and strong witness of Jesus Christ! For this reason I am here in the Philippines!
Thanks for everything!
Much Love!

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