Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What an incredible week! They always seem to be so great here as a missionary! And time really does fly! As missionaries we have the opportunity to go on splits. Which is a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn from other missionaries! My first split was with Elder Teitibwebwe coming from Kirapate a small island/country near the Marshall Islands and Samoa! It was a great opportunity for me to work on and practice my language! He is a new missionary so he doesn’t speak the language yet! My second split was the highlight of my week! I went on a split with Elder Bluth, my zone leader! We went to teach some of his investigators in his area! I have been seeking to love people more lately. Prayerfully I have been trying to become more like Christ as I meet them and testify of truth to them. I got to experience a piece of this love as we taught a man named Freddy! He was not sure about the Restoration of the Gospel. He was not sure how he could know if our message was true. I shared my conversion story with him. I just remember testifying to him and feeling an incredible love for this man who I had only met 5-10 minutes earlier! I hope our message got across to him! I guess we will see! Things are still great in Naguilian no new progress to write about!
I love being a missionary! This week we will be hearing from Elder Teh and Elder Hallstrom (from the presidency of the Seventy!)
I am super excited for what they will share with us!
I am certain this will be another great week as a missionary!
I appreciate all of the prayers, thank you a million times over!
These people are so incredible here! I am so grateful to get to serve them, to have the privilege to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them!

Until Next week! Take Care!
Much Love!

Mimi's Bday
The little girl in the middle in the front is Mimi she invited us to her bday party haha
Mimi's Birthday

Mountains in the distance
A mean spider I killed

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