Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PHILIPPINES WEEK 15: Hunting Success!: WEEK 23

Ryan had a lot of fun this week and took lots of pictures to show it!

Hey Sister McCartt! (Wow!)
It is so crazy that you are going to the MTC! So soon! I am so excited for you! I cannot even describe it! Your life and world will change faster than you can imagine! 3 days in
you won’t even recognize the person you were when you came in! I promise! It is incredible! So just get ready for that!....Well I have a lot of stuff coming your way with all kinds of advice...I guess its advice haha! Well just my experiences! :) hehe! So maybe I’ll tell you a bit about Naguilian!

Elder Samar and I have executed our "Hunting Days" AND sooo farr....we have been ridiculously successful! We have found like 3 new potential investigators! Which sounds like so little but its the best we have had here in Naguilian and they are legit potentials with ways to make it to church and stuff! Its super awesome! :)

Elder Samar and I are getting along so great! Butttttt we may have to move to the Philippines one day so Samar and I can create a band and become artistas (famous people) here...(haha thats like our future plan it's a joke though) haha...but maybe who knows! ;)
The work is still way hard but we are finding ways to have fun with it! As you may have noticed from the pictures I uploaded to Flickr haha!

Our investigators are all doing well! Progress is slow, BUT I am really hoping and praying that these new ones really pull through! I am very optomistic about this cycle! I am hoping for some Baptisms! We have some Less Actives who are returning which is just as exciting as a baptism! IT is honestly the greatest and happiest work! :)

You are going to love it I promise! :)
Always work hard give everything you have! Because these people need you! :)
I love you so much!
Forever and ever your missionary!
Elder Ryan Anthony Betancourt

Pinoy Skies ulit!
Hear ye hear ye! The Book of Mormon is true!
Thumbs Up!
The sun is so bright!
Elder Samar and I
Taking a break from the trek across the famous Naguilian Bridge
Comp Photo!
I'm King of the world!
Elder Samar!

Elder Samar
kodak moment
Exhausting hike across a huge bridge!
To all my fans...
I'll be here until August 2014
Steve Erwin...I mean Elder Samar
Elder Samar is hungry
They eat these things

Masarap yun bayawak mo...
They cook it in adobo....its like a mixture of Charmander and a lizard...

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