Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey There!
     Wow, it was an incredible week in Naguilian! Just like always! Life is ALWAYS great no matter what is going on if you let it be great! I do not think that I have ever worked harder than I have this week! I mean by the time we get home, I am ready to sleep! It is wild! Haha! We have been working closely with the people we are teaching! Jefferson is really making progress in coming unto Christ and preparing himself for baptism! So are all of our others! Life is really great! Next week is transfer week! I have a feeling I am gonna be transferred to another area! So that is kind of a bummer. But a lot of growth comes with each transfer! My language skills will improve and I will become a better missionary!
      It’s a weird feeling of being on the verge of maybe getting transferred! So we will just see what happens!
      I appreciate all the prayers and support from home! I miss everyone! But time really is flying by! It has already been over 6 months! Elder Samar just hit his 1 year mark...and he feels like he just started his mission! Time flies by when you are serving the Lord!
      One quote I heard this week is by Elder Perez and I do not remember it word for word but it was something like, if you want to know if you are worthy or not first check to see if you are working. If you are working to bring the gospel to others you are worthy. I was very inspired by this...if we are worthy we will have a desire to serve and to bring the gospel to our friends! So that was a great lesson that I learned I must always seek to be a missionary, even after my mission! I cannot wait! Haha!
      Well just so everyone knows I am doing great and loving life here as a missionary!
Take care! :)

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