Sunday, February 3, 2013

PHILIPPINES WEEK 14: Hunting Days: WEEK 22

 Elder Betancourt is excited to continue his adventures in Naguilian! Please keep Elder Samar and Elder Betancourt in your prayers.

Holy Smokes Dev! You are going to be a missionary!
Like super soon! Wow!~ That's so sick! :) I am glad you are getting to see my fam! That's awesome! I am super excited for that investigator! Hopefully, you will get to attend his baptism! I am glad all your prep is going well!
I am short on time so I will get right to the chase...okay?
Naguilian is amazing as always! We have a few investigators who are progressing with baptisimal dates but both are having troubles with certain things. Which is really slowing it up for them. But just like we explain to them its more important that they are prepared for their baptism than that they make the date! So because we are kind of slowed down with them we are going to start holding two hunting days each week. We are going to look in other baranghays (neighborhoods) and work there for about 3 hours 2 times a week! We will be looking from people with transportation, tricis, jeepnees, cars that they can attend church and potentially help others to attend! We are going to be focused on finding full families! And potential priesthood holders. That's what our branch really needs is active men who are willing to hold the priesthood of God! I know they are out there! Because the Lord has placed Elder Samar and I here in Naguilian for the sole reason of finding those that are ready to hear this gospel. There are those who are prepared and just waiting to hear!
I am excited to execute this plan this week!
Keep working hard preparing to depart on your mission! I cannot express how excited I am for you!
Well I got to jet because its late and we still have stuff we got to get done!
I love you Devynn Patricia!
Forever Yours,
Elder Ryan Betancourt

A caribou and some chickens sharing a nice family dinner.... haha

tumigil ka na! this kid cracks me up!

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