Monday, January 28, 2013

PHILIPPINES WEEK 13: YET another cycle in Naguillian! WEEK 22

Another wonderful week from Elder Betancourt and another wonderful e-mail! Enjoy!

"Hey there sweat pea...(oh wait i'm allergic to peas :) haha)
Soooo, I AM STILL IN NAGUILIAN! :) haha It was hilarious because all the members thought I was going to be transferred so they were sad and ready to say goodbye. Then I told them I was staying. It was just hilarious! :)

You are like on the verge of going to the MTC...WOAH! That is so crazy to think about! It blows my mind to think its already almost February! Time is like non existant in the mission field! haha!

To answer your questions, so far no baptisms! People have a hard time attending church here because Sunday is the day that everbody gets chores done here and its palengke day, which means thats like the best day to go to the market!

Hopefully, we will have a few this cycle since we have 9 weeks! :) We still teach mutual night when they have it, and Elder Samar was like unofficially called as a sunday school teacher. He is "unofficially called" because we cannot have callings in the branch, but the Branch President asked him to teach each week! I am sure I will be partaking in some of that too! And yes Elder Samar and I are still companions :)

I love the Sunday School topic so much this year...I am learning so much! It is D&C and Church History! It is so cool! I love it! :)

It is so cool being a missionary because you work with the ward/branch council and go to their meetings so you can offer suggestions. It's so cool and fun!

So this week nothing really new happened! We watched the Restoration DVD with this member's boyfriend...haha It kind of reminded me of that is a really cool thing to be apart of! :) He even attended church! He is actually progressing faster than any of our other investigators haha! His name is Aldrin. He is super cool...(it's Sister Kristina Danao's sister's boyfriend...follow that? haha) It's really cool to work with him and help him to receive the restored gospel!

It's so good to hear that your mission preparation is going well! I am going to tell you the honest won't get it all done...haha thats what sucks, it's like impossible to do just do your best, but dont stress because it will work out! I promise :) You will love the MTC! :)

AND just so you know, I gave someone a letter to mail for me last week but they havent done it yet! So hopefully that gets done! and Ill be mailing another this week! So you should receive two in the MTC pretty close to each other!

You make me so proud devy! You are so devoted to your Heavenly Father! He loves you and is so proud of you too! I know it! Because you are his daughter, and you are just so awesome :)

Just wait for Sundays in the mission field! They are amazing! Especially fast and testimony meeting because you are hearing people bear their souls, the same people that you serve! Ah! Its amazing! You will love being a missionary I know it!

You make me so proud and happy dont forget that!

I love you sooooo Much!

Forever and ever yours!

Elder Ryan Anthony Betancourt
                                                Elder Betancourt and some Nagulianers!
                                                                "Guapo Series!"
                                                 Elder Samar and Naguilianers!
                                                       Elder Betancourt and Noriel
                                      Elder Samar and his illustration of The Plan of Happiness!

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