Monday, December 31, 2012


His family and I had an EXTRAORDINARY time talking to Elder Betancourt on Christmas evening. I even got much loved alone time to chat with Ryan and hear many incredible stories. He is an incredible missionary already. We are SO proud of him. 

Here is part of an e-mail I received from Elder Betancourt on 12/30/2012.
"Well hey there Devy!
  Another week has already come and passed! I must say it was quite a good week! I got to skype you and my family! If I said that wasn't the highlight of my week, I would be lying because it was AWESOME! But you already knew that! You were there! haha!
I must say, I had a pretty awesome Christmas present seeing you! It was like a two in one present! haha! I must say that I got the better present! :) haha. I am glad your Christmas was good with your family! I expected it to be! I am excited for next Christmas, it will be kind of a bummer that I wont get to skype you ("kind of" haha) BUT it will mean that you and I will be so much closer to seeing one another! I think that the mere thought of that will be a Christmas present in its own haha! I am so excited for you because you will make an amazing representative of Jesus Christ! I am still blown away that you are going to Russia. I never would have guessed, but I know you will do amazing there because the Lord has called you to work there! I am sorry you felt sick this week, but its good you are overcoming it! You are so awesome (random, but true :) ). 
For New Years, we are having a party at the Mission home! The singles ward party thing should be really fun! I always enjoyed hanging out with them! They are cool! But you are the coolest...just remember that! :) 
I will never forget the pain of those shots! Ouch!!! Well atleast its over with right? well for now...heh heh heh heh! :)
So this week we visited so many people! Christmas Day, I ate so much I thought I was going to die! It was actually very scary! haha. But also very very delicious!  I got to go on an exchange with Elder Bluth, one of my zone leaders! And wow, I learned so much! Its great to learn from another American! 
Well I love you so much! I am sorry this wasnt longer, but I lost track of time! I cannot wait till our next new years together! :) It will be here before you know it! :)
Forever your missionary
Elder Ryan A Betancourt"

                           Mutual Night! The Elder Betancourt and Elder Samar teach the lessons!
                 Every chance Elder Betancourt gets, he grabs a guitar! He loves playing for the youth.
                                        Elder Betancourt loves the youth in Naguilian!
Christmas Eve

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