Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PHILIPPINES WEEK 5: Another Week Gone by Already?! WEEK 14

 I cannot believe another week has FLOWN by. It has been amazing to see the growth in Ryan. He is doing fabulous and loves his companion, Elder Reyes.

This is some of my e-mail that I received from Ryan on 12/02/2012. "...What a week we had here in the PH. I am excited to tell you just a little bit about it! More is to come in a letter that will be sent out today or tomorrow! So we were busy this week! SOOO busy! We taught a lot of lessons not as many as before but these were sooo affective it was incredible! We had exchanges this week! Wow, it was really cool to get to experience a different area and a different missionary. (How they work and how their area works.) It was really cool! I learned SO MUCH! ...On the exchange, we taught a Tatay (old dude) about the Book of Mormon...his heart was hard he had slipped back into old habits and told us he would not be attending church. I felt that some boldness was required for this lesson. I bore testimony of our NEED to read the BOM and some other stuff I cant remember but it was powerful! I have never been so bold EVER! Well, I later talked to Elder Oyardo, and he told me Tatay came to church on Sunday for the first time in 2 years...wow! He said "Magaling Ka" (you are the best.) I said "Hindi, Magaling ang Espiritu Santo" haha. (No the Spirit is the best!) It was amazing! Don't ever be afraid to be bold. Boldness AS DIRECTED by the Holy Ghost is out of love and is totally okay! One of my many experiences this week! Each week is so full of experiences! Its hard to keep track!
Another fun experience, we were planning on my BDAY (you plan each day on your mission...its awesome!) and then President and Sister Carlos pull up to our Apartment with the Assistants. We go outside and they are holding a BEAUTIFUL cake and a container full of Fettuccini Alfredo! It was amazing! and SO delicious! How did you celebrate my b-day? It's okay if you didn't do anything, just curious if you had a moment of silence in front of a wall of pictures of me, with candles lit and stuff...haha joklang!  You are going to love being a missionary. It is so fun! Today, we had our ZONE activity and it was sooo much fun! We had an Amazing Race. haha, It was very silly but very funny!  I got covered in flour, haha! I did receive a letter from you on Tuesday it was very precious! :) I am excited for the next! I am also excited for you to go home to VA so that you will be home safe and happy...and other reasons ;)
Well I miss you like crazy! I cannot wait to be back home to see you..!
Well we only have 21 months to go! Crazy right!?
....Well I Love you more than you know!  
Mahal Kita!
Your Missionary,
Elder Ryan Anthony Betancourt"

                    Ryan wrote, "Our Branch President and his wife! This man is so faithful!"
Elder Betancourt and his zone after the "Amazing Race" Elder Reyes and Elder Betancourt won!
 Same group, different pose!
Elder B. wrote, "Elder Reyes and I after finishing our Zone Activity "The Amazing Race" 
That is flour all over me! I had to blow flour off a plate to reveal a 5 peso coin and the next hint to the race haha!"

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