Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Another week down and another month down! 2 months in, 22 to go. Elder Betancourt bore a beautiful testimony to be about trusting in the Lord as I learn the Russian language. He bears testimony that the Lord has helped him in his journey already SO much. It is so beautiful so I wanted to share it! Fun pictures at the end!

Elder Betancourt wrote on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, "Man this week was so humbling! I have been excelling like mad in the language my whole experience here..Devynn never have I ever understood how much He loves me, individually. Wow it was amazing...i cant even put it into this week I was pondering where I need improvement the most...and it hit me LANGUAGE! I have been using every second of Language study to exact effectiveness...or at least to my knowledge...THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REALL!!!! I always felt it, but I feel like this week I have received greater access to it! You see we need a few things to get that gift. Heavenly Father will not just give it to anyone...take notes....jk...well...atleast mental notes...How can we expect to receive the gift of tongues if we are not pouring our soul into this every minute we are able to? When you are tired in class, fight it with everything you have, when you are tired in study time especially because there is no teacher to wake you up! Basically what I am saying is you have nearly 2 hours here to fully devote and commit yourself to learn your language. Leave no time for goofing around, don't get distracted even if the distraction is something positive like a Mormon Message or something, there will be time for that later. I witness to you that as you do this you will begin to internalize the language. The reason this is so hard is because you cannot simply translate sentences with languages like Russian and Tagalog. It is more a translation of thought into something that will make sense in there native tongue. This is only possible to happen in the time given to us by accessing the Gift of Tongues! We are all entitled to, but it makes me sad because not everyone here gets it. Follow this and above all have Faith. When you are frustrated and feel as though you will never get it, I say to you, press forward. This is Satan trying to prevent you from getting down. The Spirit is strong here but don't think that Satan still is not seeking opportunities to bring down the work! I testify to you, Devynn that as you diligently work and give it literally everything you have, you will receive the gift of tongues and will somehow learn the language! It is 99% miracle and 1% you. Give everything you have. Do your very best SO THAT THE LORD CAN GIVE THE REST! That's the biggest thing that has hit me this week! I beg of you to SYL (Speak your language. He is talking about when I learn Russian for my mission!) every single day! All day! 
When we SYL we are putting our faith in Heavenly Father and he will bless us! It is like us saying, "I don't really get this but I know you will help me!" That's one thing I have learned about being a missionary, we can literally do just about anything (with in human reason...sorry no flying) ALL ACCORDING TO OUR FAITH! That is exactly what Elder Bednar promised us! 
I love you so much kiddo! Sorry I didnt mean to like grill you...but i thought it was pretty sweet!"

                                                A fancy knot--the ambassador knot!
                    Elder Betancourt sent a picture of my future Mission President and his wife!
                            He wrote, "A nice piece of grass. There isn't much of it here!
                                           A beautiful morning at the Provo Temple
                                 Elder Betancourt wrote, "Just running up the wall...casual"
                                          "AND now flipping off the wall"
                                               Elder Cass and Elder Betancourt!
                                              All wearing blue ties but Elder Betancourt!
                                                       Sunday Temple Walks
                             Elder Wightman and Elder Betancourt. Ryan calls it, "Camera inception"
                 Brother Trebas bookbag! (All the sweet color pictures from Elder Berend's camera)
                                           Looking at the temple during temple work
                                                          Juggling acorns!

Elder Betancourt got his flight plans to the Philippines! He leaves Monday, October 29, 2012. He'll be leaving SLC at 3pm arriving in LAX at 3:53pm. He will leave LAX at 11:15 pm and arrive in Hong Kong at 5:55am October 31st! They will literally be jumping over October 30th. They will leave Hong Kong at 8:00am and arrive in Manila Philippines at 9:55am.  CRAZY!

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