Thursday, October 18, 2012


Elder Betancourt is still district leader. He is over 11 Elders and Sisters. He wrote me on October 11, 2012 saying, "Being District Leader is an exhausting calling, but the Lord is strengthening me and giving me energy! (Your Mt. Dew is too ;))."
On October 12, 2012, "The Lord is continuing to bless me here! It is amazing! Elder Berends (Ryan's companion) and I have acquired the skill of following the Spirit in lessons.... I was so excited, my teacher complimented us on this aspect either this week... This week I have been studying how to receive the power and authority that we can! Like Alma and the sons of Mosiah! After studying Alma 26, I learned that if we work till the end of each day and our missions, working hard and diligently with frequent repentance for our imperfections, exercising faith, doing good works, continuously praying, having patience, and relying fully on the Lord.. The power and authority is ours! I love this work!

I love you like puppies love treats!
Eternally yours,
Elder Ryan Anthony Betancourt"

A TON of fun pictures this week. At the end, I have added Elder Betancourt's self reflection:

                            Elder Betancourt pointing to his mission, Cauayan, Philippines
                Elder Betancourt pointing at my mission, Samara, Russia! I feel as if he seems more excited about mine than his, haha! 
                                                   Elder Betancourt--the model
                          Apparently the "hang loose" sign is a big thing in the Philippines 

                                      A picture from the district 15E's temple walk
                                     Elder Wightman, Elder Siola'a and Elder Betancourt
                                            Coming back from the temple! So happy!
Joseph Smith picture
                                                            Fountain Picture

Elder Betancourt's Self Reflection:

"Where am I spiritually now compared to where I was on the first day of the MTC?

 The first day at the MTC, I knew I wanted to be here; I knew I was needed in this work. I knew I would regret it if I was not here. Spiritually, I would say I was alive and functioning; however, greatly lacking in many things. I am six weeks in. I understand my purpose, everything about it. I understand why I want to be here  and why I need to be here. I understand that if I am not here, people would miss out on blessings I have. People are waiting for me to teach them, they need my story/personality to accept the gospel. Would they find it without me? Maybe. BUT who am I to deny them what they deserve and need. If I was not here, I would eternally regret it. Spiritually, I am on fire. I rely on the Spirit for everything. It is amazing. There is still work to do to prepare, but I am well on my way."

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