Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ryan is doing very well. He seems VERY happy. He is in love with the MTC and his district. He has made some WONDERFUL friendships.

On October 03, 2012, He wrote about an experience that one of his teachers in the MTC had. He wrote, " My teacher, Brother Trebus told our class a story. He was on his mission and I guess in the Philippines they don't drink water till after they eat, but he was super thirsty so he asked for water. The guy feeding him (who was drunk) brought some sketchy water, but Brother Trebus was so thirsty he drank it. Lets just say he didn't sleep much that night. The next day they had a district meeting which was an hour and a half hour drive away. They got there and did all their stuff then Brother Trebus lets out a little fart and everyone starts laughing and being guys. Then he notices something warm running in his PANTS!!! His companions were lazy and didn't really like him so they wouldn't go home. When they actually left they had an hour and a half bumpy ride home! Mind you no one had toilet paper or paper towels. He pooed in his pants and had to keep it there ALL day. He said he burned the clothes he had on! He say this is the day he became a Missionary! (Apparently it happens to most American Missionaries. HAHA KILL ME NOW!)...
Your Missionary!
Mahal Kita
Elder Ryan A. Betancourt"

                                     One of Ryan's friends in the MTC, Elder Jackson
                                                 Ryan wrote, "I don't even know"
                                                  Ryan's teacher, Elder Trebus
       Ryan wrote that loves looking at the little notes I send him so he put them over his bed. 
                                     Ryan wrote, "Me just know" HAHA!

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