Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In a letter from 09/25/2012 he wrote, "I recently have been contemplating the concept of Return and Report. Being personally countable with our Heavenly Father is key in our progression especially on a day to day basis. I invite you to ponder this idea. Return and report in prayer about things you did well that day and things you can work on...Sorry the MTC forms you into a invitation machine :)

Mahal Kita!

Misyerno Mo! (Your Missionary)
Elder Ryan A. Betancourt "

                                  District 15E pinika the best district (Best of the best)
                                                      Proud to be a Missionary
                                                    Being a Missionary is tiring
                                                    Some of Ryan's good friends!
                                 Ryan wrote, "So strong I can't even touch my shoulder"
                                                       Looking classy in suits
Visiting the Provo temple

Ryan has been made district leader, which means he is over 11 Elders and Sisters. He wrote last Tuesday 09/26/2012. "Honestly since I have gotten this calling I have been such a blur! Our district needs so much work! So I am seeking the help from none other thank my Heavenly Father! I have received so much revelation. It's wild. If you want to receive revelation like a waterfall into a single glass, put others in front of yourself, especially when you have a leadership role and give it your!" Needless to say, Ryan is doing well and keeping VERY BUSY!

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